Spotify CEO Daniel Ek today announced a new global partnership with Coca-Cola that will bring Spotify to Coca-Cola's TV ads, 40-million-fan-strong Facebook fan page — and bring a Coca-Cola app to Spotify's desktop application. Coca-Cola got the ball rolling earlier today by tweeting out the #drinkmusic hashtag after Ek hinted at a deal at the AdAge Digital Conference today.

Here's the gist of the "strategic deal" the two companies have agreed to: Coca-Cola plans to "invite consumers into Spotify through live events, TV, digital media," and through a new app it's developing with Spotify. In return, Coca-Cola gets kudos from fans for sponsoring an up-and-coming tech startup that puts music, a priority for Coca-Cola's ad department through the ages, in the forefront. Considering the Coca-Cola Facebook fan page is the most-liked page on Facebook, according to Ek, the partnership will expose Spotify to a whole new group of people. Songs Coca-Cola posts to its Facebook page will be playable inside Spotify's desktop app. Coca-Cola, Ek noted, is perhaps the most recognized brand on Earth and will provide an opportunity for Spotify to leverage that brand recognition to become much more well known worldwide. "Coke's distribution network might even be as big as the internet, and they're going to help us enter new markets," he said.

The Coca-Cola app isn't yet ready for launch, having just been coded at a hackathon this past weekend (video embedded below). It should be ready by the time Coca-Cola launches its Olympics campaign this summer, Coca-Cola's Director of Global Marketing Entertainment Joe Belliotti said. The Coca-Cola deal is one of Spotify's biggest partnerships to date. Recently, the streaming music service has partnered with a couple dozen brands, publications, and services to put out applications inside the "App Finder" Spotify launched in December.