Nikon may not have officially announced its D3200 DSLR yet, but details about the follow-up to the D3100 continue to leak out. A listing for the camera was recently spotted in Japan, which not only provides the first image (or image fragment, at least) of the D3200, but also includes pricing information. The camera itself is listed at ¥76,300 ($940), while pricier bundles were also revealed — a D3200 with an 18-55 millimeter kit will cost ¥85,300 ($1,050) and the addition of a 55-200mm kit bumps the price up to ¥107,800 ($1,325). We're not sure if prices will be the same here in North America, but if so it would make the camera a good deal more expensive than the $699.95 D3100. The D3200 is expected to include a 24-megapixel sensor, the ability to capture four frames per second, and built-in Wi-Fi connectivity — early reports expect it to be made official some time this month.