The Berlin Boombox first caught our eye a few weeks ago — it's not every day that you see a fully-functioning boombox made of cardboard. If you're one of those who supported the project, you know that Berlin Boombox hit its funding goal today with one week remaining. Axel Pfaender, the designer behind the Berlin Boombox's striking graphics, wrote to backers to let them know that production should begin "soon," and noted that any more money pledged will go to make the boombox "even better." As before, the Berlin Boombox will support any music player with a 3.5-millimeter headphone jack and come unassembled, so backers will have the fun of putting it together themselves There's no word on when it'll ship, but it seems now that backers will indeed get to find out just how good a boombox made of cardboard can sound.