Help with a Windows Phone Challenge

I have used iOS and Android for years but when my Incredible broke down 4 months prior to the end of my contract I decided to grab a free phone from the "Smoked by Windows Phone" promotion. I figured I can give WP7 a spin and then decide between the iPhone 5, Nexus Jelly Bean, and whatever the flagship WP8 handset will be in early fall. I don't use a ton of apps on a daily basis and I don't do much social networking so I figured WP7 perceived app deficit would be less problematic for me.

I have been using a HTC Trophy for a couple of weeks now and run in a couple of real headaches that I haven't been able to solve by googling. I am wondering if a some veteran WP7 users can point me in the right direction. My issues with the OS thus far: can't customize tiles and tapping a notification doesn't launch the correct app. I would like to be able to can the color or otherwise differentiate between two mail live tiles. I have a personal gmail and a work google apps account. The only difference between their live tiles is the numeral after 'Google Mail'. I would like to change the color of the work account, or make the icon match the company logo, or at the minimum change Google Mail to Company Name Mail so I can differentiate work and personal email at a glance. I know it is possible to link the two inboxes and go down to one live tile but I prefer to keep work and personal email as separate as possible. The second feature that I miss from Android is the ability to pull down the notification shade and tap a notification to jump to the correct app. It allowed me to remove a number of apps from the home screen. The lock screen of windows phone has all those notification icons at the bottom but they don't link to the app. I doubt there is a way to implement that functionality but I thought I would throw it out there and see.

There are also a couple of apps that I haven't been able to find replacements for and the big issue is that I need something that is cross platform so I can autoshare with my wife's android phone:

Android ------ WP7

Mighty Grocery ------ ???

Picasa/Plus ------ I would like something that auto uploads pictures and videos to these services so I can share them with the family

Google Listen ------ I need a podcast app with skip forward/backward buttons and downloading over 3G

Dropbox/Google Reader ---- This is mostly a complaint not a question, boxfiles is not great but the really galling thing is paying for ok substitutes for the great, ad free clients on iOS and Android. I know how nice skydrive is but I have macs at home and work. There isn't any file system integration of skydrive on .

My last issue is with the web based marketplace. When I visit the windows phone 7 market place from my desktop, iMac and Chrome 18, to buy an app, select an app, click get an app and then when it is supposed to authenticate my Live ID it immediately reloads the app page. I have to click sign out and go back to the app purchase page click through and manually sign in each time. So everything I want to send an app from my computer to the phone I have to log out of my live ID and log back in again. Mostly want to know if other people are having this problem or if there is something specifically wrong with the way I have configured my account/browser.

Really like the phone so far but missing these little pieces of functionality. I am worried about WP8, the reason I am considering leaving android is the bad OS upgrade track record. If Microsoft cuts off all the Mango phones that is a deal breaker.

Thanks for leading me your experience.