Those of you familiar with the web will know well that Amazon isn't just the maker of the Kindle and an online shopping site — there's a third major cog, Amazon Web Services (AWS), which sells access to servers to help host many websites. The question is: how important is Amazon to keeping the internet up and running? New findings from DeepField Networks based on "multiple weeks worth of network data" from "several million Internet end-users (mainly in North America)" suggest that the answer is quite a lot. The headline statistic is that one percent of all consumer internet traffic goes to or from one of Amazon's servers, and that an entire one-third of internet users access Amazon's servers at least once per day. Those massive numbers come in from sources like Netflix, which utilizes AWS to power its streaming services, as well as others like Dropbox, Instagram, Pinterest, and Zynga, all of which made DeepField's top 40 list of AWS users, sorted by traffic.