If you were afraid that Zynga's $180 million purchase of Draw Something creator OMGPOP would result in a long delay before the popular Pictionary-like game received an update, we've got some good news: both the iOS and Android version of the app got upgraded with some much needed features today. The highlight is that there's now an oh-so-simple but oh-so-necessary "undo" button that'll remove your last-drawn line — something that'll prove very useful to anyone who's forgotten to change the brush stroke size when changing colors and destroyed their beautiful creation. There's also a new option that'll let you comment to your drawings, and there's also a new refresh button on the main page. While it's not in the changelog, the latest Android version also adds a notification option in the settings menu that should ping you to let you know when it's your turn. iOS users get a couple of additional features that let you save your drawings to the camera roll and share them on Facebook and Twitter. The update's available now, so get downloading.