Spotify Coca-Cola Press Conference Was a Bit of a Wet Fish!

Spotify has just made a big announcement in New York about their new partnership with Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola will be featuring Spotify in their TV advertisements, 40-million-fan-strong Facebook fan page — and bring a Coca-Cola app to Spotify's desktop application. In exchange Spotify will be providing technology and expertise to Coca-Cola and their efforts in music.

This press conference had a huge amount of hype, but it was a real let down. I know that letting the world know about Spotify is great for the music startup, but I was hoping to see more information about the other applications that will be built by brands (which seems a bit of a sell-out) and an actual iPad application.

I know there have been a few independent developers creating some great iPad applications on the Spotify API, so it now seems we will get those apps befor the actual official application launches.

Spotify, please get back to basics and focus on improving the product and the marketing will grow by itself! Product is everything and unless it keeps progressing you will just lose users to other services like Rdio and MOG.