When The Verge said "it's time to stop giving Windows Phone a pass" the internet listened.

It just seems like ever since Josh made that statement the Windows Phone news has not been kind. Throughout the internet, not just here.

And you know what? Good.

Maybe it's enough to get Microsoft off the bench and in the game. They can't afford to keep playing this slow. 480x800 resolution on a 2012 smartphone? Yeah, I can live with that, but why do I have to? Why can't I get a 3rd party IM app to reliably run in the background? Why will my live tiles mysteriously just stop working after so many days? The list could go on. Microsoft has so much money and power to change these things but they continue to operate like Palm. We know how that ended.

It's time for us to stop giving Windows Phone a pass, too. These things are unacceptable for a 2012 smartphone.