If you're the kind of TV watcher who hates going week-to-week, you'll be happy to know that all ten episodes of comedy classic Arrested Development's Netflix-exclusive fourth season will debut simultaneously. Ted Sarandos, the Chief Content Officer at Netflix, confirmed this at NAB, while creator Mitch Hurwitz and a good chunk of the Arrested Development cast took the stage at a Netflix event to discuss the series' return, which is scheduled for sometime in 2013. Sarandos also gave a little information on Netflix's other original series, Lilyhammer, which debuted back in February — it'll be returning for a second season, though there were no numbers given on how many subscribers have streamed it. Lilyhammer also debuted its entire season simultaneously, so we're glad to see Arrested Development following suit.

He did give numbers for AMC's acclaimed drama Mad Men, however, noting that 3.5 million subscribers streamed the show's fourth season; he also said that the show's pilot was the most popular episode this past Monday, leading Sarandos to believe that Netflix users are going back to catch up with the show. Sarandos even took a little credit for Mad Men's fifth season having a 20 percent viewership jump when it premiered a few weeks ago — but that bump also likely has a lot to do with the long layoff between seasons.