LiveID problem aka they think my money stinks

So when i was getting my WP, Omnia 7, marketplace was not available in my country, Croatia. So i created a dummy hotmail account registered to UK, just so that i am able to access free marketplace.

Now that marketplace has expanded, I did the hard reset and entered my real, croatia, liveID as my main phone account. Only to find out that when i wanted to enter my credit card, "United states" region was locked there! After some investigation, i found that, for whatever reason (probably fault of hotmail's extraordinarily weird login system) i created my xbox live FREE account using the croatian liveID, and again, for whatever reason, my region was set to US and can not be changed.

not just that, but the xbox live account can not be deleted or moved to another liveID.

Except through xbox console. Which I do not own.

What can i do about this. if anything?