Lumia 900 woes...

I was so excited to get away from my iPhone and pick up a Lumia 900 (I could make a long post about that alone).

However, I have been very disappointed with my experience so far. My wife and I both preordered Lumia's. Both had the well-publicized connectivity issue, and mine had a severe problem with the capacitive buttons randomly triggering as discussed in the link below:

After getting both our phones replaced, and after updating both with the most current software, we still will lose our LTE connectivity from time to time. This is usually resolved by rebooting the phone. Furthermore, while my (new) phone seemed to operate correctly at first, it has begun having the same problems with the buttons triggering randomly. After about 30 seconds playing any game, my phone will vibrate, and the speak-command window will pop up. My wife laughed at me as she saw me constantly screaming "CANCEL!" at my phone.

This will happen even if I only have one finger on the middle of the screen playing, and occasionally happens when I'm trying to text.

I am so disappointed. I hated the iPhone, (and patently refused to install iTunes), and was really looking forward to this device. Do I return it and get my 5th Lumia, or do I just bag it and go elsewhere?

What really disappoints me is that I have done quite a bit of development in C#, and was anxious to play with WP7. I am so sad.