Although we had been expecting Windows Phone "Tango" handsets to arrive this month, Nokia officially revealed today that it will launch its new Lumia 610 Windows Phone in the Philippines in the last week of April. Additional markets such as China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, and Vietnam will also get the Lumia 610 in the following weeks.

Microsoft's Windows Phone "Tango" phones are designed with China and other emerging markets in mind. Nokia's Lumia 610 includes an 800MHz processor and just 256MB of RAM, two key ways to reduce minimum hardware requirements for Windows Phone and lower costs. Nokia's Q1 2012 financial report showed that devices and services net sales dropped 70 percent year-on-year in Greater China, so Nokia will be hoping to see that improve over time with the introduction of its low-cost Windows Phones in the region. The company is also planning to release the Lumia 610 in additional markets this quarter, with an NFC-enabled version launching on Orange UK in Q3 2012.