How can I disable all sounds on my 3rd gen iPad?

Alright, here's the deal. This week I upgraded from my iPad 1 to the new iPad. On my original iPad, I could use the volume rockers on the side to control both system alerts (emails, messages, notifications, etc.) AND system volume (i.e. Youtube, Netflix, etc.). I then used the toggle on the side to control Picture orientation, not Mute.

However, on the new iPad I'm beginning to get really frustrated. Apparently, system sounds and system volume fall into two different categories. If you go into General>Sounds you are presented with a toggle (Change with Buttons). If you turn that toggle on, the volume rocker will control system alerts. Theoretically, I could toggle that button on, mute all system alerts, but when I go to play a Youtube Video, it'll still play at whatever volume I last left it. Vice versa is also true. If I turn that toggle (Change with Buttons) off, I can use the volume rocker to mute all system volume (like youtube videos), but alerts will still be loud.

Now, I know I could use the mute toggle on the side to quickly mute all sounds. However, I want to reserve this for orientation lock. Is there really no way on the new ipad to control ALL sounds (alerts, volume, youtube, ringtone, etc.) with the rocker? I can't believe something so simple is so complicated. I don't want to have to go through all different settings everytime I go into a meeting and want my ipad to be quiet.