AMD didn't have a great 2011, but it still managed to make $491 million in profit last year. Over the last three months, though, the company lost all that money and then some: AMD just reported a $590 million net loss for Q1 2012. AMD lost that money on $1.59 billion in revenue, which is fairly flat earnings as far as the company is concerned. Last quarter, the company reported $1.69 billion in revenue, and it had $1.61 billion in revenue this time last year.

AMD executives blame a "seasonally down quarter" for the loss, and used the phrase "seasonally lower" time and again on an investor call, but given that flat revenue, things don't quite add up... although the company did just buy SeaMicro and wrote off $703 million to end a deal which let GlobalFoundries exclusively produce its 28nm processors, which both help account for the loss. The company's also not very bullish on its future results, telling investors that it expects the business to "increase three percent sequentially, plus or minus three percent" next quarter. Find all the numbers you crave at our source links.