Attention: UK WP users

Download Pepper and help get these guys much needed exposure.

"Change the way you discover, share and remember live music.

Connect with your friends on Pepper and discover the live music they enjoy. Receive updates when friends’:
- Add events to their calendar
- Check in at events
- Update their status
- Upload photos of events (version 1.2)
- Follow an artist, venue or promoter

Pepper is the easiest way to share your live music social life with your friends. Know who’s attending events, invite anyone that’s missing and check in at events to share your experience with friends who couldn’t make it.

You can also follow your favourite artists, venues or promoters, view their upcoming events and catch up on their latest updates from Twitter (internal feed released in version 1.4).

There are currently over 600 of the top venues in the UK listing their events on Pepper with more joining every day. If you’re a music lover, clubber or occasional gig-goer, you’ll always be able to find an event that you’ll enjoy.

Here are a few more things you can do in Pepper App:
- Search thousands of gigs and club nights by date and location
- View event details including start time, venue, artists and ticket prices
- View friends attending an event
- Invite friends to events you’re attending
- Check in at events
- Share your status from events
- Add events to your Pepper App calendar
- View friends activity from your Pepper App news feed
- Track your favourites from your Pepper App profile
- View your friends favourites and calendar
- View artists, venues and promoters profiles"

I'm asking you to download this app because these guys are launching on WP7 first (They are doing apps for iOS, Android and Blackberry soon too) but it would good to show that we can nurture great apps on Windows Phone so other start ups may consider launching an app on WP7 first.