Starry Night Interactive Animation, the mesmerizing multitouch take on Van Gogh's painting, is now available for iPad, offering buyers the chance to morph a timeless work with the touch of a finger — or several. The $1.99 app recognized input from ten fingers without issue, and also features the same ambient soundscape we first heard in the project's initial reveal. Speaking of which, it appears the transition to iOS didn't take long, with Petro Vrellis needing less than a month to port the experience over from his original Windows-based concept, according to Technabob.

Unfortunately that didn't involve optimizing it for the new iPad's Retina display, so things are noticeably blurry on Apple's latest hardware. Another quirk we observed is related to orientation: the app supports only one of two possible landscape positions. As it stands now, art fans are in for an engrossing experience that could be made even better via future updates. Starry Night Interactive Animation is currently available in the App Store for both the iPad 2 and new iPad.