Good news for fans of the highly-addictive Temple Run: Imangi is planning to release addition content for the game and is also working on an update for the iOS app so it supports the new iPad's Retina display. In an interview with Pocket Gamer, Imangi said that it's looking to add "more objectives, characters, and power-ups" in addition to the higher-resolution iPad version. However, for those hoping for new environments, you might have to wait a bit. Imangi siad that requests for new environments are among the most popular requests it gets, but that they also would be "a much bigger deal because the whole game was skinned around the temple."

That's not to say that it'll never happen, but it doesn't sound like new environments will be released imminently. That said, the company definitely takes feedback from users into account, even if it doesn't act on it directly. Imangi said that "we get a ton of ideas and suggestions from fans, but we mostly look for patterns and trends in what people want and like." The upcoming new objectives are one example the company cited, so feel free to keep sending Imangi suggestions if you're a fan of its games.