Missed opportunity

Why is there no major android oem that is brave enough to release a high end 4" phone? I think it's odd that for all the choice that android offers by having many different manufacturers, very few are willing to take calculated risks. I believe the iPhone has proved that there are TONS of people that are comfortable with "smaller" phones. Why does high end android only exist in 4.5and larger phones? Are we destined to reach galaxy note size as the standard?

I personally like larger touch screen phones but I can see that there is very little choice for high end phones. Why does a smaller screen or keyboard automatically signify mid to low end? I think palm had the right idea with the veer of a powerful phones in a small package but they were obviously at the extreme. Im all about choice and I thats one of the reason I love android. I'm just afraid oems will drive many to iPhones if they don't offer variety in high end.