Specs Are Dead To Me, Quality Of The OS Is What Matters

I think it's gotten to the point that we have to realize that the hardware/internal specs of a mobile device don't matter as much anymore. Not to see that specs don't matter at all but all the quad/dual core processor and all that other stuff are not really what consumers are looking for.

When an average consumer walks into a store, and use a device, the first thing they notice is how the OS works. Hardware comes secondary.

Makers of Android devices need to quit with the focus of hardware specs. Apple focuses on apps and UI and Windows Phone does the same thing with how smooth their OS works.

Even with tablets, nobody talks about what the iPad 2 is packing internally. Everybody talks about how fast and quick the OS is.

So now, my focus is primarily on how well the software for devices work. Hardware is good, but software is king.