Last year, Nokia introduced a version of Nokia Maps that uses WebGL to render advanced graphics instead of a browser plug-in, which meant that it wouldn't require a separate browser plug-in for 3D views. That beta has recently seen a quiet and fun little update: a 3D stereoscopic toggle that gives you a 3D experience if you have the proper glasses to see it. Nokia hasn't said much (or anything, really) about the feature yet, so we don't know if the company has pulled off "true" stereoscopic separation from 3D data — but it certainly seems as though it's doing an accurate job presenting depth and distance based on scrolling around.

Google did a very similar thing as an April Fools Day joke in 2010, but the general consensus was that its joke didn't present true 3D separation. If Nokia's 3D solution was equally meant to be an April Fools Day joke, it's actually the 2nd time that the company has followed in Google Maps' footsteps: Nokia's WebGL Maps actually debuted less than a month after Google's version. You can check out Nokia's stereoscopic 3D at the source link below provided your web browser supports WebGL — note that so far as we can tell it's only available on the WebGL Beta, not on Nokia's other map offerings.