Not updating existing users to Apollo is a huge mistake that Microsoft can not afford to make

Rewind back to December 23rd 2011. Samsung had just announced that it decided to betray 10 million of its customers by refusing to update its extremely popular Samsung Galaxy S line to Ice Cream Sandwich. Being a Samsung Galaxy S owner myself, I was extremely outraged by the news ( I wasn't the only one who shared the same sentiment). It made no sense to me. How could Samsung abandon support for it’s flagship phone only one year after the phone had launched?

Fast Forward to today. Looking at my Samsung Focus now, I feel same the sense of abandonment creeping up on me after hearing about Yesterdays’ rumour that Microsoft may not offer the Windows Phone 8 Apollo upgrade to existing Windows Phones. One of the main driving factors that drove me from Android to WP7 was dependable timely upgrades. With Windows Phone Mango, Microsoft had managed to accomplish something that Google could only dream of doing. Within a few short months of rolling out the mango update, every Windows Phone on the market was running the latest version of the OS. The success of Microsoft’s endeavour really helped me place a lot of faith into the budding platform. It appeared to me that Microsoft was able to strike a perfect balance between iOS and Android. The platform could have the hardware diversity of Android, but at the same time maintain the timely updates of iOS. However, if yesterday’s rumour turns out to be true, all the hard work that Microsoft has done to instill faith in early adopters like me will be lost. As disappointing as this news is to me, it pales in comparison to the disappointment that recent buyers of the lumia 900 will experience if the news turn out to be true. They took a leap of faith and dove into the unknown waters of Windows Phone, only to find out that there is nothing to greet them but sharp jagged rocks.