Zune software replacement wishlist

So Microsoft is scrapping Zune software for a new program.

Seeing how unintuitive Zune is, I hope they take a leaf out of Winamp/Spotify's design and optimization, Zune feels a bit slow.

I don't like how much unused space there is, a little bit smaller font and tighter organization would be nice.

In the Artist/Genre/Album/Song tabs there are three divided sections of artist/album/song....that needs to be simplified into a playlist because the overhead tabs should be enough.

which if I use search in any of those tabs, it completely gets rid of those tabs and goes to a separate search tab!? (and brings up marketplace. If I wanted to search marketplace, I'd go to marketplace and do that there.)

I'd rather be able to search within those tabs.

It's simply trying to do too much.

That's all that I can think about right now