While Nokia found charging cellphones using solar panels a "challenging" prospect, that's not stopping Panasonic who plan to broadcast an entire live annular solar eclipse from the summit of Mount Fuji, the highest mountain in Japan, on May 20th. Using HIT Solar Cells and rechargeable batteries made by Panasonic, a team of staff will charge up portable power supplies with power generated from the solar cells and carry them up to the frozen peak of the mountain. Panasonic's mountain peak film crew then plan to broadcast the eclipse live from within the "central eclipse path" of the mountain peak and capture the project for an upcoming documentary.

Panasonic has launched a website dedicated to the project, with a countdown ticking for the event in 30 days time. Although there's a staff of 15, Panasonic is also looking for five volunteers in Japan, with a deadline for applications on April 24th. So if you're interested in applying to use the sun to film the sun then hit the source link below for more information.