The Windows Phone 8 story for current WP users


IT seems that recent relative Microsoft success in mobile market is making nervous all of the competitors out there and Apple and Android fanboys. I think this is the real reason why any negative rumor picks up so fast. The Engadget and other tech sites hitorically (since MS was named a big and greedy dominant company) have negative feelings toward Microsoft. Any new rumor that Microsoft might fail is really welcomed! :)

Lets be real. Microsoft is run by business people and very smart marketing people. The anouncement that WP8 will be compatible with current phones is very unlikely, becouse:

1. This will drive huge amount of questions about what will be Windows Phone 8 about, when it will come, what features it will have etc... and if too much great features might force customer to wait for WP8.

2. It would have come out in the first day when rumors started. Look how fast Nokia and Microsoft reacted when there was need for battery fix. It was out in record time. surprising for such slow corporations like MS and Nokia. That means they are very eager to get Lumia 900 in as many hands as possible.

I, personally, think Windows Phone 8 will be compatible with existing phones (especially Lumia 900) exept only if .... WP8 will change its Core. YES. As Microsoft is working on Windows 8 on ARM and the same Core might be used extensivelly for Windows Phone 8.... and that might be incompatible with current Lumia 900 Hardware. I think that Windows Phone 8 will look the same, bet under hood there might be a revolution happening.

Not upgrading Lumia 900 might be small sacrifice to make a truly single universal OS that runs on every device (phone, PC, gaming console, tv stc)... imagine that! What if there is some extensive MS Cloud solution being integrated deeply in WP8 & Win8? Or Skype? Or true multitasking?

Firing back rumors that current Lumias 900 will be compatible with WP8 probably is the biggest wish of MS marketing and sales people today not to endanger current sales nubmers... but there should be very BIG reason they are silent. Reason that is far bigger than some 1 or 2 or 3 million Lumia 900 customers... And I think it is something about WP8 core components...


I own Nokia Lumia 800 and I bought ir full price unlocked... I am not worried about Windows Phone 8 for myself. I think Microsoft will figure out a nice WP8 solution for my device if I will need one.


Everything written above is solely my speculations and has absolutelly no sources or hard data behind.