The Polygon Power Up Sharing Super Reward Program


Hey friends, Justin McElroy here. Just wanted to bend your ear about sharing, if you can spare a second.

Here at Polygon, we're investing in and experimenting with a lot of different stuff: Long-form features that examine the people behind games, investigations into games that never made it to market and videos of four grown men embarrassing themselves.

So here's my request: If you like something, would you share it? Maybe that's just telling a friend, maybe it's tweeting a link, maybe it's putting it on Facebook. Maybe you're just putting it on your eHarmony profile. All we're asking is that you help us get the word out.

Now sure, on the one hand, this helps us spread the word about Polygon, and don't think we don't appreciate it. We're the new kids on the block, the scrappy underdogs, the Rockys in Rocky and Rocky Balboa. (Also Rocky V, but only because the doctors say we've sustained too many brain injuries to continue boxing). We're happy for anything that helps us grow.

But more importantly, your sharing and the resulting popularity of a story is the way we know what approaches to covering games you want as we move forward. These long-form features and interviews are pricier and take more elbow grease to make than your typical news post, so we want to make sure we're directing that energy where you want it. Video documentaries? Interviews with fascinating people? Behind-the-scenes stories? Animated GIFs? We want to give you exactly what sparks your interest.

The kind of work we're doing currently is based on what we've seen gaming fans asking for for years. Smart, well-researched, unique coverage that never talks down to them. It's a little tougher to create, but we put the time in because we're willing to bet that readers really want it.

If we're right and you read a story that really clicks with you, great! Tell someone else and we'll know that we're headed in the right direction. Not seeing what you want? Let us know that too!

You early adopters, you ground-floor pals, we're in this together. Hopefully, if we keep striving for the best coverage we can make and you letting us know what works and what doesn't, then together we'll make something great.