Windows Phone 8 wishlist

As the rumors about Windows Phone 8 have emerged hem maybe it is time to start a discussion about what we wuld like to see in Windows Phone 8 and Zune. My personal wish list:

1. Nice and smooth Skype integration.

2. Cloud backup, restore and synhronisation service.

3. Messaging hub - SMS, e-mails, chat, social network posts in one integrated place.

4. Rework Market aplication so that you can get to content list with less touches.

5. Redefine search button, that it searches not only internet but allso contacts, favorites, applications. Search button is context aware (in MArketplace app ir works to activate search in MArketplace no launching Bing).

6. Please allow to change Search provier. Unfortunatelly not in all counties Bing is so awesome as in USA. Where I live, 97% use Google.

7. Allow automatic updates of apps (with posibility to swich off, or enable only on WiFi network). I think anyway most people just press "update all" without even reading.

8. Phone application have to be a little smarter - when I type in number then it automatically searches contacts and provides some suggestions. The same with letters (As on old button phones) I just start tiping a name and it shows me related contact. The RapDialer app does some of that, but is poorely integrated with native phone app (it doe not show unanswered calls etc)

9. Allow/create one tile size instead of double size Pictures app.

10. allow to swich off vibration on home/back/search button press.

11. create a social networks hub with ability too update all of he networks at the same time + Foursquare and Facebook inegration for check ins. Add Google+.

12. Calendar tile to show 2 or more next events, not just one.

13. Ability to see :merged"calendars as in Outlook desktop version.

14. Please create Tasks app integration with Exchange server.

15. Ability to swich on automatic e-mail and contact search on server. (now you should select after searching on the phone.)

16. YouTube has to go into Music and Video hub.... not separate app.

17. Ability to set one picture from Camera roll or saved pictures for a group of contacts.

18. Create a nice statistics section in Settings app. Batery levels, usage, data usage, minutes usage, sms sent, games played in mins etc.

Just to remind - I have been using HPC HD7 for over a year and since last week I have upgrded to Nokia Lumia 800.


I know that you Microsofties are reading here! Feel free to use this as a source of ideas for next version of Windows Phone.