Best Podcast App for WP7?

I love using my Lumia 900 but one thing that is really lacking is a good podcast app. I have tried PODCASTS!, Bringcast, and a few others but haven't found one that works as well as icatcher on ios. The features I'm seeking are:

1. Download podcast feeds over data (3G, LTE)

2. A scroll bar for the time of the podcast. Its annoying that so many podcast apps for WP7 don't have this (even the music app doesn't have this)

3. A real fast forward if the scroll bar isn't an option. Almost all of the apps offer 10 second increment ffwd but that is ridiculous when I want to skip ahead 30 mins.

4. Save my spot when I exit the app.

If anyone has any recommendations on what podcast app you use, let me know and I'll definitely try it.