Apple has posted up a new set of webpage on that focus on the business capabilities of the iPad and iPhone. Dubbed 'iPhone in Business" and "iPad in Business," They feature apps from the App Store, enterprise-specific features like Exchange and security, as well as showing bespoke business apps and profiling businesses that have used the iPhone. Apple makes a point of explaining its approach to mobile device management, app distribution, and security — three areas where iOS has actually made great strides and often doesn't get the credit it deserves.

Although iOS has made strides in the enterprise space in recent years, it still hasn't quite unseated the BlackBerry as the de facto business phone in the minds of many. The examples Apple provides, along with the technical documentation for IT managers, may be a sign that Apple is doing its best to take advantage of RIM's declining fortunes in the enterprise space before Android or Windows Phone get a chance to gain a serious foothold. Of course, a microsite on isn't going to be the only answer, but we can imagine many an employee trying to convince his or her IT manager to move to a "Bring Your Own Device" policy will be sending the link around.