military technology coverage on the verge


I am a big fan of the verge and visit the page on a daily basis. I am waiting desperately for every new episodes of the mobile vegecast, the vergecast and the verge show. Great stuff, funny people and insight articles.

But please verge, what about articles like this:

I don't wanna see pictures of mass murdering military machines on the verge. I can understand the coverage on military cell phones but why do you guys cover the reaper drone? Those drones killed more civilians than osama bin laden on 9/11.

Nobody forces me to read the article but I don't understand how a killer drone belongs to tech culture. Maybe in america this drone is seen as a item of technological superiority and therefore it belongs to technology culture. To me this drone article is the same as a article about the newest sidearm from Heckler & Koch or a the newest landmine.

Please leave coverage like this to warmongers like aol defense or wired danger room.

Thank you and have a good weekend,