Modern Day LA Noire Video Game

(Hey, my first gaming post!)

If you've played LA Noire, you know that it's a great game. Great detective solving mechanics, great facial animations, and overall awesome game.

I was sitting down today watching a bunch of detective-type TV shows and wondered: When's the last time there was a good modern day detective video game?

Modern Warfare officially ushered in the modern video game military shooter. Maybe a modern day LA Noire game can do something.

Just imagine LA Noire style gameplay. Maybe it's modern day Los Angeles. Or perhaps even New York. Main character has a similar backstory like in LA Noire (Iraq War, Afghanistan). He/She helps solve murders around the city (CSI style).

What do you guys think? Too ambitious? Or just needs a big studio to back it? Maybe it's already being worked on (Hope so)