MSFT: Windows 8 CP usage exceeds that of Windows 7 beta

Because the Apple fanboys of The Verge seem to refuse to report about this, let me do the reporting for you instead.

I would've expected that the downloads and usage stats for Windows 8 Consumer Preview and Windows 7 beta would be neck-and-neck. But I wasn't expecting DOUBLE.

Seems like people are using W8CP more than what anti-W8 fanboys would like us to believe. "Metro is ugly. Metro and Desktop integration is a Frankenstein monster. Windows 8 is worse than Windows Vista." Blah blah blah. If you hate it, then stop using it. Stats are against your favor, anyway.

Also consider this: if you choose to wait on the sidelines for Windows 9, what are you actually expecting from Windows 9? If you ask me, I reckon it will be no different from what we know about Windows RT/WOA right now. Because by the time Windows 9 is released, we would truly be in the post-PC era that Jobs wanted us to believe is happening right now. To be sure, businesses would still be sing PCs, but by then, we would be demanding that they have the same functionalities as our tablets would have. That's how entrenched tablets will be by that time. If it seems too far-fetched for you, that's because we don't live in that kind of future yet. But we'd eventually will. So if you're waiting for Windows 9, then tough luck.

One thing that struck me is that people assume that somehow, we will "reject" changes in technology (conservative?), and that they will be "dumbfounded" by the changes in Windows 8. WTF? Next to science, technology is one of the most progressive field of discipline anywhere. We wouldn't be where we are now if not for the progress technology has made. Tell someone who has recently upgraded from a feature phone* to a smartphone about people "rejecting sudden changes in technology." Let's see how that turns out for ya. Better have your soiled diapers cleaned up, gramps. You're getting left behind.

Perhaps the best piece of advise I would give Windows 8 doubters is to give it more time. We're not remotely close to the October release date, and there's a Release Candidate on the way this June (which I truly hope would be upgradeable from Windows 8 CP). We haven't seen anything yet, folks.