While we at The Verge love the digital world and all the convenience it entails, there's also a soft spot in our hearts for the retro and the physical. A Kindle will never feel or smell like a real book, nor will a digital download ever quite evoke the same feeling as waiting at a local record shop for a midnight release of your favorite band's new album. If you're a music fan and feel the same way, today is Record Store Day, an event celebrating the local and independent purveyors of music around the US and other countries that has picked up steam since it first started in 2007.

It's an especially big day for record collectors, as many artists and labels have started offering a number of exclusives on Record Store Day that can be highly sought after and pretty difficult to track down — but that's part of the fun of buying physical media, right? There's also a huge number of in-store events taking place featuring dozens upon dozens of local and national artists. Click here to find a local store participating in Record Store Day, and check here for a list of all exclusives being offered — just call ahead if you have your heart set on something, because not all stores carry all exclusives.