In an age where video games can be complex, engrossing, and highly though-out experiences, sometimes it's refreshing to put yourself in the shoes of a dinosaur and smash buildings for a few minutes. That's the experience you'll get when playing Roar Rampage, a simple side-scrolling game from Neutronized. You control a giant dinosaur who's quite mad about something, so you're taking it out on the city. Swinging your mouse moves the dino's arm (outfitted with a giant boxing glove) and lets you smash up the buildings in your way. The glove also lets you block bullets and attacks from enemy helicopters and turrets trying to stop your rampage — while the game starts off with minimal challenge, it isn't long before the enemies come fast and furious, and it gets quite a bit harder to stay alive. Unfortunately, it's not too hard to lose control of your dino's arm while flicking the mouse around, so fending off these attacks can be a little tricky. Still, the goofy graphics, fairly hilarious soundtrack, and satisfaction of crushing buildings with your mouse makes it worth spending a few minutes on at the very least.