Published in 2003, Don DeLillo's novel Cosmopolis showed a near-future vision of endless fountains of data, ubiquitous surveillance, a heavily abstracted financial market, and aggressive urban protests. Now that we're living in the future DeLillo envisioned, a film on the subject almost sounds redundant. Well, David Cronenberg is giving it a shot, and his Cosmopolis will premiere at Cannes this year. A new trailer for the movie just debuted, which gives a glimpse of the technology on display. The vaguely retro screens that surround Robert Pattinson in his limo actually help to keep things looking sci-fi, even it's more like sci-fi as caricature of the present instead of sci-fi as prediction of the future. Because the future is now.

Warning: This trailer contains violence and nudity. Parental guidance is advised. Like, even if you're an adult. Just call them or something.