ICS contact pictures are a bummer

I picked up the Sprint Galaxy Nexus today to complement my Transformer Prime. Both of my Android devices are lucky to run near or complete stock build flavors of Ice Cream Sandwich, and one thing in particular still stumps me regarding the revamped People app. The app seems to emphasize the beauty of your various contact pictures and its something that is consistent in multiple places of the UI, yet despite all of that the contacts and their pictures I've uploaded as part of my Google account remain constrained by the 96x96 pixel thumbnail resolution of Gmail. What's worse is that short of getting all of your contacts onto G+ no real solution exists. Supporting 256x256 pixel contact photos in ICS is a wonderful push to a more aesthetically pleasing contact experience, but it becomes considerably less convenient and enjoyable when the only way to take full advantage of this feature is to get all of your contacts on G+ or designate photos from your phone/tablet for every individual contact. I find it to be a bit of a glaring issue and I'm curious how many others at The Verge would be interested in seeing a fix from El Goog?