The ZX Spectrum turns 30 years old today.

On this day 30 years ago Sinclair Research launched the ZX Spectrum, I was really excited when I got mine as it was groundbreaking and as stated in the video below it meant one didn't need to go the arcade to get your gaming fix.

Instead I would load from tape Manic Minor, Chuckie Egg or one of the many classic games produced by Ultimate such as Atic Atack or Lunar Jetman.

I still have a mine in the attic gathering dust - Wonder if it still works?

Happy Birthday Speccy :)

The ZX Spectrum (the "Z" is pronounced "Zed" from its original British English branding) is an 8-bit personal home computer released in the United Kingdom in 1982 by Sinclair Research Ltd.

The Spectrum was ultimately released as eight different models, ranging from the entry level model with 16 kB RAM released in 1982 to the ZX Spectrum +3 with 128 kB RAM and built in floppy disk drive in 1987; together they sold in excess of 5 million units worldwide (not counting clones, which were numerous).

The Spectrum was among the first mainstream audience home computers in the UK, similar in significance to the Commodore 64 in the USA.The introduction of the ZX Spectrum led to a boom in companies producing software and hardware for the machine, the effects of which are still seen, some credit it as the machine which launched the UK IT industry.Licensing deals and clones followed, and earned Clive Sinclair a knighthood for "services to British industry".