Gfrom + Stupidity

I purchased a gform sleeve for my iPad 2 and loved it. I have demonstrated the sleeve's durability hundreds of times, astonishing friends and terrifying the lady friend. Naturally, when I upgraded to the third generation iPad, my gform was the sleeve of choice.

About two hours ago I bent the ipad's back in a test I have performed many times. Now I have a perfectly funtioning, but curved, iPad. On the bright side, I now have an excuse to tear open the ipad and possibly do something crazy like build it into a desk. I can't seem to find a way to order a new back.

Learn from my mistake. You may have astonishingly durable cases for your devices, but you will have to eat the costs if you brake said devices being an idiot. I write this as I'm conducting a facetime, with my iPhone in a LifeProof case, in a glass of water...

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