Over the last several years, mobile hotspots have gone from science fiction, to luxury, to must-have accessory for many business travelers. Most smartphones have since added hotspot functionality as a standard software feature, but it’s not quite the same — a dedicated, pocketable hotspot doesn’t drain your phone’s all-important battery. If you’re out in the sticks without access to Wi-Fi and you’ve got a laptop or two (and perhaps a tablet) that need access to the internet, there’s just no substitute.

That’s why companies like Novatel Wireless and Sierra Wireless keep iterating on the mobile hotspot concept, and that’s also why carriers like AT&T and Verizon keep adding them to their lineups. But really, what is there to iterate? Last year’s Verizon hotspots already had LTE support; these aren’t like smartphones where displays and processors are getting better every few months. Well, it turns out that Verizon’ Novatel Wireless-sourced Jetpack 4620L actually does have a better display — but that’s only part of the story. Let’s have a quick look at what this refreshed version of the 4510L is all about.