One column frontpage - expand articles in place

Hello there,

I really love The Verge, it quickly became my most read tech news site when i happily stumbled upon it. I know there has been conversation in the forums here about the frontpage and the 'magazine layout' which, though i though i enjoy aesthetically, has a bit too much visual noise for my personal preference. In response to this, I present to you:

The Verge - one column frontpage with inline article expansion.

I've done my best to keep the 'feel' of the site, and have preserved the breakers (full width link lists and things) and other elements. You should see about one of them per vertical page, and they're inserted in random order. The script will automatically fetch more content when you near the bottom of the page. The little triangle buttons at the lower right corner of each article will dynamically fetch its page, parse the content, and enlarge the article in line so you don't need to click through to a new tab or window. Large feature length articles and reviews currently aren't expanded as they are often multiple pages long and have really nice formatting that's a bit harder to preserve. If an article is party of a storystream that will also be dynamically inserted into the page.

try it out, enjoy :)