Official ICS Rom leaks for HTC Amaze 4G.. and it is good.

T-Mobile sent me an HTC Amaze a few days ago after they had no stock left of HTC Sensations to replace my malfunctioning one.

I already love the Amaze a 100x more than Sensation and love it even more that the official Android 4.0 rom with Sense 3.6 leaked for it today.

I immediately installed in. I am not rooted, no S Off or any of that, just a stock Amaze and wow do I love this phone even more now. I typically hated Sense and was running a ICS Theme however Sense 3.6 on ICS is damn good.

I think the Amaze with ICS is the best Android phone Tmobile has as I really hate that the ONE S is limited to 16Gb of storage with no SD and is using a Pentile display.

Link is below (which has the link to download the rom in the source section). Download this.