Odds are, if I'm reading a book I'm doing it in bed. At night. In the dark. That's not so great for ebook readers, which (like a paper book) require a light in order to be seen. I've been asking ebook manufacturers why they wouldn't add lights to their devices for some time, and now Barnes & Noble has done it.

The Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight is a virtually unchanged version of last year's model, but the company added a glowing white light that makes the screen readable in darker environments. It's not as bright and painful to look at as a lit-up LCD, nor as kludgy as an ebook reader with a light attachment, and at $139 it's no more expensive than the ad-free Kindle Touch. Is the new Nook worth an upgrade over last year's model? Is it enough to make Kindle owners jump on the Barnes & Noble bandwagon? Read on.