Skydrive, Everywhere!

When Windows 8 is released, Skydrive needs to be baked right into the OS.

Right now, this is a fine solution, but Skydrive needs to be front and center when windows 8 is released. Skydrive needs to be part of the tutorial when you first start up, it needs to be part of the "Send to..." right-click menu, and it needs to be very obvious in Office (maybe a seperate "Send to SkyDrive" button in the "File" menu?). Skydrive is a fantastic little app that makes using several PC's (or even macs!) pretty simple. No more forgetting my word docs, PDF's, presentations, or whatnot behind. No more flash drives. These kind of simplifying experiences need to be front and center in windows 8, especially in the Windows RT. Showing users that they can easily transition from tablet to phone to desktop/laptop will go a long way to selling the MS brand, and reinforcing the "3 Screens" idea that Ballmer has been pushing.

As of right now, I don't see SkyDrive making much of an appearance in the Xbox world, unless they want to advertise SkyDrive as a "toss everything in here to get it anywhere" kind of service, but honestly, the storage is lacking unless you want to pay now. 25GB would be a bit more compelling, but even there, customers will not get the several blu-rays that everyone "needs" to have online at all times.

On Windows Phone, using skydrive as cloud-based music storage is kinda hacked on. It streams the music just fine, but without album art or other information. It "works," much like a toothpick "works" as a dangerous weapon.

SkyDrive took a big step getting into the file manager today, but it needs to go further. MS should make SkyDrive the ONLY cloud storage you need, a place to keep your music, videos, AND documents. The desktop experience is very robust right now, but everything else is lagging behind. The Metro app is less than impressive, the windows phone (and I assume iPhone) app need to improve, and some kind of Xbox integration would be key. I'm impressed with what I've seen so far, but MS should leverage their other properties to make SkyDrive a much bigger deal.