Only the most skeptical of observers would consider Google Drive a rumor by this point, but if you want some truly bulletproof confirmation of its imminent arrival, Google has now provided it. The company's support page for Google Docs now includes some helpful tips on transferring ownership of Google Docs to a new user, including advice on sending those to his or her "Google Drive on the web."

The way the support document is phrased makes it seem like the bump in Google Docs storage to 5GB we spotted this morning was indeed a prelude to the rollout of Google Drive, which has been consistently rumored to be launching with 5GB of free cloud storage. Storage of Docs will then likely be rolled into your online Drive, presumably together with other services from the company. The full details of the Google Drive should be known by the end of today, assuming Reuters' sources and all this behind-the-scenes activity are to be trusted.