The Giant Blackberry Ad on The Verge Home Page - Lesson Not Learned?

Am I the only one who finds it sad that RIM's giant Blackberry ad on The Verge home page contains the very sentiment that started Mike Lazaridis' downward spiral? The huge words, "We need tools, not toys..." seems like it's ripped right out of the 2008 RIM analyst meeting where Lazaridis famously wrote off the iPhone. (Forrester Research analyst Ted Schadler held up his iPhone and asked Lazaridis what he was going to do about this little computer which he could carry in his pocket; Lazaridis laughed and said nobody cared about the iPhone.)

It seems after watching their market share fall apart (thanks in large part to the very iPhone that Lazaridis publicly derided) and even this amazing article right here on The Verge by Jesse Hicks, that they haven't learned anything. I know they're desperately trying to ride it out until their new platform arrives, but this is sad to watch. Is this the only marketing strategy they can hang their hat on, the "iPhone is still a toy" mentality? When my non-techie friends ask me why RIM lost all its momentum, I just need two words.

No fun.

What does everyone else think? There has to be a better marketing strategy than this even considering their difficult position.