(What is) The best ultrabook

I'm trying to pick an ultrabook and spent a lot of time trying to pick the best one.

My research so far says this, and I'm curious as to what others think:

Dell XPS 13 seems to have an OK trackpad, keyboard, core i7+256gb ssd option. Has a battery meter and small form factor. It's biggest downfall is that suffers from really bad viewing angles (Verge and other reviews mentioned this). Also, no high res display.

The Asus UX31 has a high res display (1600X900), core i7+256gb ssd option. But its keyboard is terrible. Trackpad is bearable or terrible (depending on whether your particular specimen has an elan or sentallics touchpad).

The Samsung Series 9 13" has a high res display (1600X900), good keyboard and trackpad. Also, it looks nice without looking like a Macbook Air wannabe. It's also one of the lightest of the bunch. My biggest gripe here is that I can't find a 256gb SSD version, only a core i5+128gb SSD. If 128gb were enough for me, I'd get this, but it's not.

The Lenovo Ideapad U300s has a ok touchpad, good keyboard, core i7+256gb ssd option. It also looks nice (although not as nice as the Samsung in my opinion), without looking like an MBA wannabe. It's keyboard, while really nice to type on, isn't backlit however, and screen is also not high-res.

Gosh, I'd kill to have an XPS 13 with a better screen, a 256GB series 9, a UX31 with a better keyboard and touchpad, or a U300s with a high res screen and backlit keyboard...

Since the keyboard and trackpad matter to me a lot, and I need more than 128gb of space, I'm thinking of picking between the U300s and the XPS 13.

Has anyone else done a similar comparison or have any other opinions or advice?