Nokia's approach versus The Other WP OEMs

It's been commonly observed that the products released by The Other WP OEMs have in general, been a lacklustre affair. Most commentaries attribute this to a 'wait and see' approach, platform immaturity or just general disinterest.

Now considering the case of Nokia, they obviously have more input and as part of their deal with Microsoft, they are now exclusively Windows Phone. Some might attribute this headlong dive into Windows Phone the reason why Nokia have fully committed, and the others, not so much...

We all know how well Microsoft involves OEM's in the development of all it's products, but could it be that the lack of defining hardware from The Others is due to the transition roadmap from Mango to Apollo? We are already hearing rumours that there will not be a direct upgrade to Apollo from existing hardware. Microsoft's silence on the matter only exasperates this rumour!

So could it be that the OEM's know that there is no upgrade path from existing phones to the upcoming Apollo, in which great things are promised? As a result, they may have decided not to invest greatly in Mango, in what could be in essence, a dead end.

In Nokia's case, they have no choice but to react and plough on ahead, but when Apollo is finally released, could we see a plethora of eye-popping candy inspired goods from ALL Windows Phones OEMs?