Minecraft's popular mobile version for Android and iOS have been slowly getting more features, but this is a pretty big one: the latest update for Minecraft Pocket Edition on iOS, 0.3.0, adds a crafting interface similar to the one on the desktop game. Users will finally be able to build new items and materials, making the "craft" in the game's title more than a holdover. In addition to this, Version 0.3.0 adds cows and chickens, damageable items, and material tweaks that fit with the crafting update (so you'll have to build certain items to gather some resources.)

Version 0.3.0 is iOS-only, so Android users will have to wait for a little longer. The last update, which added Survival mode, was out for Android first but quickly came to iOS, and Mojang has promised to restore parity on 0.3.0 within a few hours. The app costs $6.99 on either the iTunes Store or Google Play.