Suggest a laptop hard disk - HDD/SSD/Hybrid?

Update: Thanks everyone for your suggestions. Majority of you recommended a SSD and I went ahead and bought a Samsung S830 128GB SSD (Link). Top of the line and expensive. Fingers crossed and excited.

I dropped my Dell Inspiron 15R by accident yesterday and now the HDD is busted and all the data is gone. Thankfully all my important data is already backed up and in cloud and so not worried about the data.

I've to replace my disk now. As soon as I was in the market for a new hard disk, it became apparent that SSDs are not to be ignored and they are increasingly becoming mass market devices. But the cost/GB is still not quite low as I would like. Also I found that Seagate and WD have hybrid drives(Momentus XT and WD Scorpio) which promises 75% of the performance of SSDs at the cost/GB value of mechanical disks. I really like the idea and reviews are generally positive[1].

General usage:

- Dual boot Windows 7 and Ubuntu 11.10 or newer.

- Planning to install Windows 8 CP

- Use Visual Studio 2010, instance of SQL Server Express and Git for local development.

- Firefox Nightly, Aurora and Chrome are the daily web browsers used.

- VPN(Cisco) and use remote desktop frequently.

- Run games occasionally (light weight games like Football Manager, Braid etc.)

So can verge members suggest me a suitable disk for my laptop? Budget is <175$