Tethering outrage: Blackberry or any smartphone

I am grandfathered into an unlimited data plan with my BB Torch. We can discuss the merits of an iPhone over a BB at another time but my rant is about AT&T blocking my tethering capabilities or charging me extra for this service. I'm already paying $20 extra per month for texting (which, personally I think should be included in the data plan).

If I have an unlimited data plan, why should I be charged extra to tether? I think the carriers have far too much stranglehold over the market. I tend to agree with Joshua Topolsky's op-ed a few months ago concerning the greed of the wireless carriers. I would go to Verizon when my contract is up but why? They are as bad as AT&T.

I wish there were some recourse for consumers other than being forced to accept what the wireless carriers foist upon the unsuspecting public. Do they not make too much profit as is?