Hopes for Windows 8 Release Preview

I have been using the Developer and Consumer Previews for as long as they have been out and absolutely love them. With the Release Preview coming out, I wanted to list a couple of things that I hope we can see touched on in the next release.

As Far as Apps go

  • Messaging works nicely and just needs support for offline messaging (FB), sending/receiving files, possibly video conferencing? (unless we see a skype for Win8 Client)
  • Email needs more power options, some bug fixes (have have one that keeps coming back with my unread email count), and easier account/folder navigation (right-clicking for app-bar is unavailable in email, and navigation using the app-bar is really annoying, when switching between accounts a lot).
  • Calendar needs support for tasks.
  • Photos needs speed/stability upgrades (keeping app-tile photo after restart, photos loading slowly). More viewing options (small, med, large, data/tags) remember those views across instances)
  • People needs updates for better linking of contacts (need explicit linking), hiding certain pages/people from the main list (filtering options like on Windows Phone), better Facebook integration for posts and things. Ability to choose contact picture when several are available (Facebook, Twitter, Live, Exchange, Google, Yahoo, Etc).
  • Music/Video is my biggest concern, the usability of these apps is pretty much horrendous, almost nothing works the first time I click on something, and all of it takes about 5 or 6 times to long to do things (might be a graphics card thing? either way, fix it). I would like to see a much simpler streamlined system implemented, I want to launch the app, see my songs/artists/albums, or whatever click and play, add stuff to playlists easily, etc. Similar interface to Zune.
  • Also, I would like to somehow choose the accent/tile color for all of my apps, I personally do not like purple or orange on my tiles or my apps...
  • More Accent/Background options for the Start Screen
  • Maybe folders? Not sure if this would really be useful or just annoying... Maybe something like pinning an entire category (as in Microsoft Office in all apps list) so you have quick access to those apps without having to go to all apps.
  • The File Explorer Hangs up a lot of times on transfers or when creating a file via the right "click->new->" Menu.
  • More Metro Style Apps: get some big name people: better version of evernote, note taking apps, Social apps, VLC, Skype, Spotify, Hulu, Youtube, etc. ( I don't use a lot of apps so I can't list many)
  • Information on if 3rd party browsers will be coming to Windows RT (WOA)
  • Add the ability, in a multi-monitor system, to run a different metro app on both screens. If you want to get really cool, let me have an app and a snapped app on both monitors (total of 4 apps running).
A couple of options that are probably not going to happen, but I would still love to see:
  • Have the ability to give certain apps the ability to continue running in the background (completely, not through background processes) even if it is only during some situations (only on battery power etc)
  • If screen resolution is big enough have one main app, and two snapped apps. For ever better multi-tasking support... The split would be like 20:60:20 / 20:20:60 / 60:20:20 (I don't remember the resolutions off-hand but this split sounds good to me). Having that would alleviate a lot of peoples issues about not having multi-tasking.

Anything anyone else people want to realistically see? Let me know in the comments your opinions!!